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Why This Web Site

Welcome! This web site is the result of a sincere attempt to discern the mind of God regarding how to invest my time in such a way that He would consider me to be a faithful servant in the last segment of my personal race. My motive is two-fold. I want to finish strong, and I want to be an agent for others.

The Bible exhorts us to “Run in such a way as to get the prize ... do it to get a crown that will last forever” (1 Corinthians 9:24-25).

In 1972 I started out strong in my personal race, realizing that many do not finish strong, and some never finish at all. I prayed for a mentor, a spiritual coach, who could help. There have been many who helped me in my personal race over the years. Some became close friends, and some I met only through their books. The first answer to my prayer, the first person who really invested in my spiritual growth by giving lots of personal attention and prayer (besides my parents), was Bob Wilbraham. Bob was on staff with The Navigators, an international ministry devoted to making disciples of Jesus. I am much indebted to Bob. His influence contributed much to my passion for helping Christians grow toward maturity.

Too many Christians remain spiritual babes for a lifetime. Others grow for a while, but lose the adventure of following Christ with radical abandonment, and they follow at a distance, if at all. There are some who drop out altogether.

Kenneth Boa observed, “There is an epidemic of believers who drop out of the race. Many begin well but finish poorly. It can be a gradual erosion through a series of small compromises or a more sudden point of departure, but any number of things can divert us from the course on which we are called to run.”

If you have not even started the race, or if you wonder if you are on the correct course, I suggest you click here to visit the God and Life page.

Will you join me by deciding to finish strong, and then trust God for the strength and continued desire to do it? My prayer for you is that you will be convinced that living a life that counts for eternity is the best choice anyone can make. It will require God's perspective on life's issues. Hopefully this web site will assist you in gaining His perspective.  --  David Shropshire

What We Do

Our intent is to glorify God by equipping lifetime laborers to know Jesus Christ and to make Him known through successive generations. We equip men and women with the knowledge, vision, character and practical experience needed for effective ministry and Christ-centered leadership in the home, community, business, government and the church.

What We Offer

We train individuals to make disciples in their natural spheres of influence and within the context of Christian community.

Our Strategy

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Our Beliefs

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